Product - Helper Hair Box
Women's Box
From $ 49.00

The Helper Hair Box promotes confidence, acceptance, body positivity, and resources for all the women going through hair loss.

The hand-picked items will include:
• Inspirational Books
• Unique Etsy items
• Accessories
• Scarfs, Hats, Headbands
• Body Positive Items ( fearless, be brave, beautiful)
• More!
We can't give away too many details, so you'll have to wait and see!
Let us know a little bit about your experience, and your box will be personalized!
No matter what type of hair loss you have, patches of hair falling out, fully bald, cancer treatment, trichotillomania (hair pulling) we have a box for you!
We created the Helper Hair Box as a solution to the lack of resources for children an women with hair loss. As someone who has personally gone through childhood hair loss from the age of 3.
I know that everyone who receive these boxes will be thrilled with what’s inside. A strong support system and a community that will remind you of how beautiful you are!